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Use affordable virtual Juvenile Dependency Law coaching by top CPS (Child Protective Services) Defense attorneys. Our Law Firm is experienced with over 1,000 successful CPS fighters cases battling social workers who want to, or have taken kids from their families.

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"Our goal is to help you preserve your dignity humanity throughout what can be a very difficult and painful process, while at the same time achieving a favorable outcome"


About Vincent W. Davis

CPS Fighter & Trial Lawyer

Mr. Vincent W. Davis and his firm have handled more than a thousand Child Protective Services (CPS) cases over the past 30 years, where they have represented parents, family members, foster parents and even the children themselves.

Mr. Davis is an expert in the area of Juvenile Dependency law, and an expert trial attorney, which is attributed to his vast experience and training.*

He is a graduate of the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College; and relies heavily on the trial skills and techniques taught to him by Gerry Spence (top American trial lawyer).

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Human Wisdom.

We, Vincent W. Davis & Associates, are proud of our capabilities and successes in Family Law. We are known for first-rate advocacy, practical advice and excellent negotiation skills. We are sensitive and strong, resolving issues quickly and effectively. We take the time to listen to ensure we act in your best interests and focus on what is really important in order to achieve the best possible outcome.



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If you wish to schedule your free initial consultation, please fill up the form below or call us in at 866-327-7266. Our policy is to schedule a meeting as soon as possible because we recognize that Juvenile Dependency Law issues can be emotionally charged and time sensitive. As with all attorney/client communication, the information discussed at your consultation is completely confidential.

Depending on where you are in the process, please make available any relevant documents that may assist us in assessing your legal position and advise you more effectively, such as: relevant correspondence, court documents or court pleadings, or any information that you think may be useful.



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* Disclosure

Vincent W. Davis is a licensed attorney in California and an expert in Juvenile Dependency and CPS matters.

If you are outside the state of California, your consultation will be as if you were in California. Due to Federal Regulations, laws are similar from state to state, however, you should consult with a licensed attorney in your state to confirm what Vince has said, is actually the law in your state.


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